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Missoula County Public Schools – Introducing Native American Literature (April 10)

Humanities Montana Speakers Bureau – ‘Introducing Native American Literature’ with Dorothea Susag

WHAT:     This program will be hosted by Maeta Kaplan, a sixth grade teacher at C.S. Porter Middle School.  Using a study guide, video, oral recording, supplementary books and poems, Dorothea Susag will lead a discussion on poetry of Montana Native American writers.  She is a retired language arts and Heritage Project teacher, a 1992-93 Christa McAuliffe Fellowship recipient, and author of Roots and Branches: a Resource of Native American Literature Themes, Lessons, and Bibliographies, as well as several secondary-level units for the Montana Office of Public Instruction Indian Education.  She conducts workshops for teachers and students across the state.   WHEN AND WHERE:  Wednesday, April 10.  The program will be in Mrs. Kaplan’s classroom at 8:15 a.m.   OTHER:  The presentation is free and will involve the students in Mrs. Kaplan’s English Language Arts (ELA) class.  For more information, please contact Maeta Kaplan, at 728-2400, ext 4611.