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Missoula County Public Schools/Let’s Move Missoula – Summit (October 4)

Summit for Healthy Children  –  Part I:  Summit to Promote Physical Activity Policies and Programs to Increase Student Health and Cognitive Ability

WHEN AND WHERE:  Friday, october 4 from 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the University Center at the University of Montana.  WHAT:  Attend an important summit on how physical activity dramatically impacts students’ health, academic performance and behavior.  National expert Dr. Darla Castelli will explain the sicnece behind the studies.  WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Superintendents, School Board Trustees, Principals, Elected Officials, Teachers, PTO/PTA members, Parents, Physical Activity Providers, State and Local Agencies, Businesses and Agencies Serving Youth.  QUESTIONS AND REGISTRATION:  If you have questions or would like direction on how/where to register please contact Mary McCourt at 258-3895 or mmcourt@co.missoula.mt.us