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Missoula Drug Take-Back – April 26, 2014

Safe Waters. Safe Kids. Safe Homes.

Pills In Tap Water

Missoula Drug Take-Back
April 26, 2014

Southgate Mall

10am-2pm  – By the clock

Permanent Rx Drop Box

Open 24/7

Located at the back door of the Missoula Police Department at 435 Ryman St.

Over-the-counter and prescription drugs have been detected in our waterways. They are changing the anatomy of our fish. Please do not flush medications.

Every day 2000 US teens try Rx drugs for non-medical reasons. Montana sees over 300 prescription-related deaths per year.

There are increasing reports of homes being broken into for medications. Protect your home by going through your medicine cabinet.Medications accepted with no questions asked. Syringes, sharps, and pressurized canisters (inhalers for example) will not be accepted.