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Missoula Urban Demonstration Project – Youth Education Program (YEP!)

Published on June 4, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

Looking for a fun, educational experience for your summer camp, day care your youth group?

 WHAT:  Come on over to MUD’s backyard and experience sustainable living firsthand. Learn about gardening and composting, feed the chickens, make food in a solar cooker, create recycled paper, or participate in a service project! All activities are free of charge (though groups must bring their own food for solar cooker activity). MUD requires a chaperon for every 15 kids. Most activities are targeted at elementary aged youth, but can be adapted for other ages.  MORE INFORMATION:  To learn about the program curriculum go to: http://www.mudproject.org/page/yep-scheduling-process. Call 406-493-1556 or email programs@mudproject.org with questions or to schedule an activity! Thanks!